International Health Conference - King's College London 2016
2018 International Health Congress                             28th - 30th June 2018                                                     

We are delighted to announce that Special Interest Groups will be organised during lunch time on Friday, June 29. Special Interest Groups will be relaxed meetings of delegates interested in a particular research area. Their purpose is to enable the discussion and exchange of ideas among researchers of different backgrounds and even foster prospective collaborations among delegates. The Special Interest Groups are free for all delegates to attend.

Each Special Interest Group will be convened by a delegate whose work corresponds to the broad research area of the group. Conveners will introduce the topic of the group by giving a brief description of their own research on this subject area as a means to open the discussion. They will then invite other participants in the group to talk about their research projects at present and their prospects in the future.  

The Special Interest Groups and their conveners are:

Health Economics

Dr Péter Elek

Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), Budapest, Hungary

Public Health

Dr Andrés Noé

Mahidol Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit, Bangkok, Thailand, University of Oxford, Oxford UK

Public Health

Professor Jacqueline Curtis

Kent State University, Kent, USA

Health Management

Dr David Ranney, Dr Adolphe Edward

El Centro Regional Medical Center, El Centro, USA

Health Policy

Miss Harini Swaminathan

IITB-Monash Research Academy, Mumbai, India, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

Mental Health

Dr Robert Whitley

McGill University, Montreal, Canada

Research Utilization

Dr Urška Čebron

Stanford University, Palo Alto, USA

Details on the room where each Special Interest Group will gather will be announced in due course. Delegates will be able to bring their lunch with them inside the rooms.   

International Health Conference
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